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Loans for Unemployed: Representative example

Representative 49.3% APR. Representative example: £2,000 borrowed for 12 months. Total amount repayable is £2,772.97 in 11 monthly instalments of £231.08 and one final payment of £231.09. Interest charged is £772.97, interest rate 38.6% pa (variable), min 3.1% APR, max 1326% APR, min and max term: 3 – 60 months.
Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

Loans For Unemployed People

If you are unemployed and need money but have no other options such as savings or to borrow from family or friends, a loan may be you only option. Being unemployed and on benefits can make it very dificult to find a lender willing to provid you with a loan. At Money trumpet however we think that everyone should be entitled to apply for a loan regardless of their status. Even if you are unemployed, on benefits and have poor credit. Through Money Trumpet you can get a fast payout of loans for the unemployed.

Where is the best place to find loans for unemployed on benefits?

There are not many places that will provide a lending service if you are signing on and claiming benefits but you can still apply for loans for unemployed on benefits via Money Trumpet, no problem. It’s quick to apply and you could get a decision in. as litlle as 2 minutes.


How do loans for the unemployed on benefits work?

It still works the same way regardless of whether you are working or receiving housing benefit, income support or universal credit. The lender will need to determine if you can replay the loan and you will need to pass their credit check criteria. It will probably mean that you won’t be able to obtain a very large loan unless you have a guarantor but there are some lenders that specialise in bigger loans for unemployed people on benefits even if you don’t have a guarantor.


Can you help with guarenteed unemployment loans?

Unfortunately no one can guarentee a loan as it depends on a combination of things and each lender has different criteria so where one lender may be able to assist with an unemployment loan another may not. in most cases, you can borow loans for the unemployed with bad credit, but no guarantor. However, If you have credit rating that meets the lenders criteria and you want to borrow an amount that is relative to your income than there are lenders that will be able to help you even if your income is from solely benefits.


loans for unemployed people

Can I get a loan if I’m on benefits and looking for a job?

If you are receiving benefits you can find yourself in a position in need of a loan, probably now more than ever. Sometimes emergencies can come up like needing to fix the car, a burst pipe or even needing money to buy a new suit for that interview.  In most cases a small loan may be the answer or you may be able to borrow some money from relatives but in the event that you really do need to need a loan and are on benefits then some lenders do cater for this situation.

How quickly can I get an unemployment loan?

The application process is as simple as completing a short form. After that the lenders will review your application and as long as you meet their criteria the process couold be completed within 24 hours.



Loans for unemployed people and people on benefits: What are the requirements to apply?

To apply for a loan you should meet these requirements.

  • Be 18 years old or over
  • Be a citizen of the UK
  • Hold a current UK back account
  • Have a current source of income (benefits may be suitable)