Small Loans from £100

Representative example

Representative 49.3% APR. Representative example: £2,000 borrowed for 12 months. Total amount repayable is £2,772.97 in 11 monthly instalments of £231.08 and one final payment of £231.09. Interest charged is £772.97, interest rate 38.6% pa (variable), min 3.1% APR, max 1326% APR, min and max term: 3 – 60 months.
Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

What Are Small Loans?


A small loan comes in handy for everybody from time to time and they can be numerous reasons why you may need one. are exactly how they sound. Loans of small amounts.
When you need to borrow money there’s no point applying to borrow £8,000 just to pay for a small repair on your car or to see you through to next month. If you only need a tiny amount of money, then it makes sense to only borrow what you need. So, if you need £200 to cover an emergency then a small loan is the best choice. They are also normally used by individuals only, although someone who is self-employed may make use of this service as well.


Ways to Apply for Small Loans

You can apply using any device that can connect to the internet such as your mobile phone or iPad, whether you’re at home, work or even out shopping. The process to apply for a little loan is very straight forward and takes around 2 minutes. We just need some details of your current situation such as employment and out goings and you will usually have a decision in a few minutes from a direct lender.

What can small loans be used for.

Whether you apply for a £100 loan or a £500 loan you can use the money on whatever you want. Its not about want you need a loan for but whether you can afford to repay it. Responsible lending and borrowing are the key here. Some uses could be a car repair bill, to bridge the gap between months, pay for your child’s school trip, in fact absolutely anything.

Do I qualify?

It really depends on your previous history, if you are struggling to get a main stream loan you may need to consider looking at bad credit borrowing. You should also be in employment with a regular income and make sure you can comfortably repay any money borrowed.